Our Commitment to Giving Back:

Conversation Starters Joy Fund®

Joy Fund Vision

We envision Black,Indigenious and People of Color (BIPOC) communities across the United States that experience unlimited expressions and celebrations of joy and justice

About Joy Fund

In our deep and heartfelt commitment to creating an
equitable world, Conversation Starters developed a
social justice arm of our business —Conversation
Starters Joy Fund®.

Joy Fund Mission

We seek to disrupt systemic barriers that impact BIPOC communities through sponsorship and donations to organizations, programs and individuals by and for BIPOC; and volunteer opportunities that promote equity, justice and liberation.

Areas of Giving

$ 1000
Volunteer Hours
$ 6400

We know that a collective working toward common goals of liberation can carry the greatest impact. Meet our impact partners for the Joy Fund.

Impact Partners


Joy Fund applications are accepted on an ongoing
basis and reviewed monthly. We re-invest in and center the needs and experiences of BIPOC individuals, organizations and programs.

Our support extends to:

Since 2016, Conversation Starters has been elevating equity as a critical issue for people and communities. To actualize this work, we have created webinars, articles, convenings, and certification programs. Conversation Starters believes that all oppressed groups and individuals should benefit from our work, as we participate in and benefit from a capitalist system.

While our work includes all forms of difference and oppression, we center race. Research and lived experience has proven that while race is not the only factor contributing to the diminished capacity of all people, particularly Black, Indigenous, poor and immigrant peoples, it is the factor which so many people of power and authority fail to effectively recognize, understand and/or address.

Therefore, Conversation Starters’ equity work is not race-exclusive, but it is race-explicit.